Manhattan map wall art engraved wood map world map wall art decor city art wood art wall decor decorative gift painting framed natural wood

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Wooden picture-card to order. The painting will decorate your home, give your look to the room, excellent arrangement of the living room, bedroom, kitchen.

About our paintings:
• Our paintings are made by hand, we use high quality laser equipment to burn any design. For example, we can make a picture of the area where you live, on any scale. Contact us and our master will professionally embody all your ideas!
• We use only high quality natural wood.
The front side of the picture is birch, oak. The back side of the picture is MDF (medium density fiberboard). For the frame we use - ash, pine.
• Wood painting is a great gift idea. It is not a problem for us to send a picture to your relatives or friends and include a greeting card on your behalf.
• The set includes special hooks. They will make the process of placing a picture on the wall simple and quick.
• Good packing. All of our paintings are well packed in thick cardboard boxes, so you don't have to worry about the quality of your purchase after delivery.
• Short production times and free shipping guarantee that you will receive your order anywhere in the world.

Why choose wood painting?
•Availability. You can quickly purchase a painting at an affordable price
• Aesthetics. Gives a sophisticated look to any interior.
• Durability. Our paintings are of high quality and will last for many years without losing their original quality.

The sizes we offer:
12x10 inches ( 30x25 cm)
15x13 inches ( 38x33 cm)
19x17 inches ( 49x43 cm)
23x20 inches ( 59x51 cm)
30x25 inches ( 77x64 cm)

Please, pay attention! I cant be responcible for the delivery service, the time of delivery and products safety during the transportation. If you found out that the package is damaged, do not take it from the delivery service. In addition, I need some photos of damages to solve the problem with delivery service. Please, made some and send to me.

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