Framed canvas rabbit art wall decor, cool bunny canvas print in floating frame, nursery wall art with white rabbit, cool framed wall art

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Canvas wall art with cool white rabbit floating frame is an actual fashion trend in wall decor for nursery, game room or any other room of your house. A canvas wall art adds a special and unusual look, bringing visual dynamics and modern style accents to the interior. You get the picture already made, so you will not spent any extra time to hang it on the wall. Framed canvas will be an ideal gift.

Painting in a stylish and durable aluminum frame. Painted with eco-friendly paint without any smell. Paintings in such frames look beautiful and expensive. It will be a great gift!

Why do you need to choose a painting on canvas?
•Availability. You can quickly get a painting for a reasonable price and decorate your interior.
•Aesthetics. It is rather difficult to see the difference between a real painting and a painting on canvas.
•Durability. Our paintings are of high quality and will last for many years not losing their initial quality.

About our paintings
•Our paintings are produced by hand with the help of our own high quality equipment. As a result, you can order the canvas of any size. Please contact us if you didn't find the needed size on our website or you want to order a painting with your own design. Our master will professionally embody all your ideas!
•A painting on canvas is a great idea for a present. We can send the painting to your relatives or friends and enclose a greeting card on your behalf.
•Our paintings are printed on high-quality canvas with the density of 350 g/m2.
•We use gallery stretch of canvas.
•A typical texture of canvas and professional positioning on a wooden stretcher make a masterpiece really stylish and aesthetic.
•Special hooks are included. They will make the process of positioning of the painting on the wall simple and quick.
•Good packaging. All our paintings are well-packed in thick cardboard boxes, so you don’t need to worry about the quality of your purchase after delivery.
•Short terms of manufacture and free delivery guarantee that you will receive your order anywhere worldwide.

How to choose a painting?
•All measurements are stated in inches and centimetres. The first measurement is the width, the second measurement is the height of the painting.
•It is a good idea to make all measurements before submitting an order so that the chosen painting would look good on the wall and suit the interior.

Paintings in a stylish and durable aluminum frame. Painted with eco-friendly paint without smell. Paintings in such frames look beautiful and expensive. It’ll be a great gift!

If you do not find the size you need, please contact us. We will create custom wall art for you!

Have a pleasant shopping!
OP002 in floating frame

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